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Up or Down? In or Out?

So you found a piece of land on which to build your new home. Now, what home will suit your needs the best? There are many questions to ask yourself. Some of the big ones to ask first are; do I want a single story home or one with an upstairs or downstairs?... (more...)

Location, location or location?

When speaking with anyone about building a new home, generally the first question is ‘where are you looking to build’? The answer to that question will take some serious consideration. And, that really should be the first question. Where, then comes... (more...)

Best Time of Year to Build a House in Oklahoma

What’s the Best Time of Year to Build a House? This is a great question but it doesn’t have just one correct answer. Let’s look at some factors that affect building a home. What impact could the weather have? Will there be material issues during... (more...)

Newly Launched!

Welcome to our new site! We hope you find the information here useful, whether you buy a home from us or not. It’s important to us to help educate those looking to buy a new home. There are many factors to consider and it can feel overwhelming.... (more...)